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The other day I was visiting my sister. I knew she had a lot of my family’s old photos and I wanted to sort through them. I guess you could say that I am our family’s official historian and genealogist. Because of that, my goal was (and still is) to digitize as many of the older photographs as possible. Of course, as you likely know yourself, time isn’t always kind to old photos, and that was very apparent as I flipped through album after album. Many of the photos I discovered were in decent shape but some, like a number of the old Polaroids, definitely didn’t age well.

Once I got home, I decided to find, for whatever reason, the worst of the worst photos suffering from image degradation. As I began to restore these snapshots in time, I realized that my experience with these irreplaceable family photos was not unique. It’s likely that nearly EVERY family has old, faded photos of Great-Grandma or their own first Christmas. And that’s when I decided that it was important to share HOW to reboot photos...those captured moments we can never experience again except through the “lens” of aging emulsions and fragile pieces of paper.

Using a variety of tools from my “digital darkroom,” I began to breathe new life into memories that were fading fast...literally. Here is a sampling of some of my “worst of the worst” and the end result:
Many of the methods I experimented with are the SAME ones I use to turn some of my “average” digital photos into stunning masterpieces, like the “before and after” photo below taken in Gettysburg, PA.
I’ve found, after years of working with photos of all types, that the software tools you use can make or break your end results. The great news is that there are quite a few excellent “digital darkroom” options available to us today! So I flipped through my family albums once more, picked out NEW photos in desperate need of restoring and used them to test five of the top and most commonly used Photo Editing programs available today. My goal was to see how well each one could handle the job of restoring my family photos. I ALSO chose one of my favorite digital images to test as well.

The five software options I tested were:
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Lightroom Classic
    • Skylum Affinity 4
    • Topaz Studio 2.2
    • Affinity Photo

Here are the four photos (Before and After) I used as “guinea pigs” for the “Photo Reboot” case studies.

Photo Reboot!
“Photo Reboot” reveals, step-by-step, exactly HOW to restore and retouch your photos using some of today’s TOP photo editing programs. Over the course of the SEVEN SESSIONS (5.5 hours of training), I will show you the BEST settings to use, which adjustments accomplish the right outcomes and MORE! This comprehensive training series includes:

    • Session 1: Introduction to Photo Reboot
    • Session 2: Photo Restoration Using Adobe Photoshop
    • Session 3: Photo Restoration Using Adobe Lightroom
    • Session 4: Photo Restoration Using Skylum Lumina
    • Session 5: Photo Restoration Using Topaz Studio 2
    • Session 6: Photo Restoration Using Affinity Photo
    • Session 7: Comparison: Turn a Boring Digital Photo Into a Masterpiece

I have ALSO included several bonuses to round out this training with an additional 6.5 hours of teaching and “how-to” guidance.

    • BONUS 1: Deep Dive – Luminar 4 Video Training
    • BONUS 2: Processing Photographs Video Training
    • BONUS 3: Stunning B&W Photos Video Training
    • BONUS 4: Hand-Coloring B&W Photos Video Training
    • BONUS 5: Restoring Faded Photos Video Training

That’s 12 packed hours of over-the-shoulder training on how you can restore and “REBOOT” your own photos to reflect the treasured memories of moments captured in time!
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